Assessment Criteria

A Knowing and Understanding

B Investigating

D Communicating

Part 1

  1. Go to the Rivers Test at
  2. Type in your first name. (If you are asked for a password, use Davison)
  3. Take the test.
  4. Don't forget to click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
  5. When the page opens with your score, go to Google Drive, and create a new Google Doc.
  6. Title it "Rivers Test - Your name". For example, "Rivers test - Joe Schmoh"
  7. From the test results, copy and paste your score at the top of the Google Doc. For example: Your score: 75% (15 points out of 20)
  8. Cut and paste your incorrect answers onto the Google doc. For exampleThe hydrological cycle is also known as:

    Your answer:

    the water cycle
  9. Do research to find the correct answer. You may use books, this wiki, the internet, or ask a classmate. Do NOT ask the teacher!
  10. On the Google Doc, write the correct answer in your own words, under each incorrect answer. Cite the source(s) of your answer.
  11. Do this for each incorrect answer.

Part 2

Here are some more challenges!
  1. Go to the links below. Do as many as you have time for.
  2. Open the first link. A Google Drive Presentation will open.
  3. From the File menu, choose "make a copy", to create a new copy for yourself. A River’s Journey Google Drive.png
  4. Add your name to the title of the new copy.
  5. Do the activities, answer the questions on each slide.
  6. If you need help to find the answers, you may use books, this wiki, or the internet. Do NOT ask the teacher!
  7. On each of the Google Presentation slide, follow the instructions. (Answer in your own words, but cite the source(s) used.)
  8. When you are finished, share it to Mrs. Davison.
  9. Change the permission on the sharing to "can comment"A River’s Journey Google Drive 1.png

A River's Journey


Flood Protection

Many of the questions in Part 1 come from the GCSE Bitesize Geography page.